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Your support of the children means so much to them!

In recent weeks, we’ve shared with you the challenges inflation is causing at our

children’s villages. And yet, despite the hardships you and other ICC family

members face, the children are blessed because of your continued care and


This ministry for orphaned and vulnerable children depends on your faithful

support. And it’s because of you that the children keep smiling! They are grateful

for you and realize how important you are to them. Thank you very much for

continuing to stand with the children. Here are a few examples that Alanna

Jones, ICC’s sponsorship supervisor, shared from conversations she has recently

had with ICC family members.

“Just yesterday, I had a sponsor call who gives once or twice a year in large

amounts. He wanted to give $2,100 and got to thinking about it and said, ‘You

know what? Let’s up it to $2,500. Jesus is coming soon, and I can’t take this with

me. So, let’s just up it.’ He was very humble about it.”

“I’ve had others who have just called randomly and said, ‘What’s your minimum

[sponsorship amount]?’ When I’ve told them they’ve said, ‘I can do more than

that.’ Others have called and just said, ‘I’m going to do more.’ We’ve had a lot of

that recently.”

ICC family, you are terrific!

A lingering pandemic. A horrific war. Rising inflation. Even though world events

may challenge and perplex us, we are assured that “God reigns over the nations;

God sits on His holy throne.” Psalm 47:8. NKJV

God continues to work through you to provide for the children. Thanks for all you

are doing to keep the smiles on the faces of “His Kids!”


Thanks to Your Support!

The Pathfinder program at the Los Pinos Children’s Village is a vital part of

campus life for the children. Each pathfinder learns practical skills that help him

or her on the pathway of becoming a successful adult.

The highlight for each Los Pinos pathfinder is the annual camporee. At these

gatherings, memories are made for a lifetime.

That includes the 2019 event where temperatures dropped down to 32°F (0°C).

That was brutally cold considering the average temperature is 82°F (28°C).

Government authorities helped to rescue the more than 3,000 campers.

According to director, Joel Carpio, “It was an unforgettable experience for us and

the children. Although there was a lot of tension and worry about the situation,

God was with us, and the churches of Jalapa turned out to support all the clubs.

“We were blessed because many people offered us lodging and food, and we had

nothing to regret other than the scare.”

During the pandemic, the Los Pinos Pathfinder Club only had internal activities.

However, this past April, pathfinders in the north and central regions of the

country gathered once again for a camporee.

There were 29 clubs present including Los Pinos and almost 1,000 campers. Joel

Carpio serves a dual role as children’s village and pathfinder director. The

following is an edited excerpt from a report he shared about the recent camporee.

The Los Pinos Pathfinder Club has acquired a great name at the national level

for its skills in physical and spiritual competitions among which preaching,

learning the Bible verses of every day of the month in which the camporee is

held, and the quiz from the assigned book of the Bible stand out.

This year, due to the pandemic, the number of events in which to compete was

reduced from 25 to 15. We obtained five first places, three second places, and

two third places for a total of 10 awards. In addition, we received recognition for

being the club with the best campsite and as being the most disciplined club.

I have been working with clubs for 40 years, and I am convinced that the

pathfinder club is a great tool to train children and young people on the right path

in life. That is why we support the club in all its activities.

We thank God that, together with our campus church that gives its support and

the contribution of each child’s sponsor and donors in general, this club

continues to function supporting Hogar Los Pinos in the development of the

children’s characters by teaching them a better way of life.

Thanks for your support. May God add His blessing to your generosity.

Joel Carpio


ICC sponsors find a way to expand their support for children

Have you ever wished you could find a way to help the children even more?

Here’s a testimony from ICC sponsors who found a unique way to expand their

capacity to help another child!

Keith and Patti Wilder have sponsored a young boy at the Patmos Children’s

Village for a few years. Keith is a general contractor who owns his own

construction company in Kettle Falls, Washington. He spends a lot of time on the

road traveling many miles.

Keith found out about a gasoline App for his phone. The App promised savings

on the cost of gas. Later, Keith recalled that, “When we first signed up for the

app, we were talking about how much money we could possibly save, because it’s

not that much. It’s pennies, but it all adds up. We had said, if we can save $30 a

month then we could use that money to sponsor another child. We said a little

prayer about it while we were driving.” Patti added, “We put that fleece before

the Lord.’ And the results? In three weeks, Keith and Patti had saved $36 using

the gas app! “Okay,” they said. “It’s time to call up ICC and sponsor another

child.” Keith contacted Alanna, ICC’s sponsorship supervisor. He told her that he

and Patti wanted to sponsor a girl in Congo. Alanna didn’t know about this fleece

the Wilder’s had put out. She was under the impression that they wanted to stop

sponsoring the boy they already had and preferred sponsoring a girl. Keith had to

explain to Alanna that they wanted to sponsor a girl in addition to their boy.

“She was very relieved.” Patti recalled. And Keith added, “You could tell [she was

relieved]. She said, ‘Oh, that’s wonderful. No problem!’” Isn’t it amazing what

God can do when you lay out the fleece seeking His blessing in service to others!

This is just one example of ICC family members who are finding ways to expand

their support of the children.

Thank you, Keith and Patti, and everyone within

the ICC family who give so generously to care for “His Kids!”


One of our ICC family members sent an encouraging note recently. In it he wrote,

“I love you all [and] pray for you and the precious kids you love so much.” He

then said he would be praying that this summer the financial famine would turn

into an Oasis for ICC.

We believe that God will answer this prayer and our collective prayers as we place

before Him the needs of the children. They are completely dependent on God and

kind-hearted ICC family members like YOU. They have nowhere else to turn.

As the economic outlook turns more and more volatile, we will lean into God’s

providential care. We will trust that He will provide not only for the needs of the

children, but also for the needs of those who help to provide for them. For He has

promised, “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down,

shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure

you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38 ESV.

You have the opportunity this month to give in support of the children. Your gift

will help provide care for the children’s needs — food, shelter, care givers,

medical care, clothing, education (yes, many of the children remain in school

during the summer months). Please give an extra gift of support for “His Kids”


With God’s blessing on the ICC family as you give, this summer of financial

famine can turn into an OASIS for “His Kids!”

Thank you for blessing the children with a gift today!

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