Meet the People Behind ICC UK

Our team is dedicated to continuing and expanding ICC. We are a family of creative minds, qualified volunteers, and diverse professionals who focus our different skills and expertise on a singular goal of helping the children of ICC. Read more about our individual team members below.

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ICC UK Director

''I have been with ICC since the Autumn of 2014. I was approached by Kent Greve of International Children's Care USA with a request that I take on the role of Director to International Children's Care UK. Since I was not conversant with the charity I took the next three months to research ICC-UK. In January 2015 I made two decisions; firstly, yes I would accept the position of ICC-UK Director, and secondly, under no circumstances would I accept the Senior Pastor's Salary which the position attracted. I considered the need of the children as greater than hi own. So 100% of my salary goes back to the ICC Children every year.''

Pastor Blackburn's attends Aylesbury Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Buckinghamshire. In 1987 he became Pastor for the Aylesbury and High Wycombe District of Churches. Although he has Pastored at numerous districts since that time, he has remained in Aylesbury. If you see him at Aylesbury church or any SDA events please say hello he would love to make your acquaintance!

Errol's door is always open and he would love to hear from you! 

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Shorai joined ICC UK as a sponsor since 2016, then became a Sponsor/Ambassador. Now she is a Trustee and a Sponsor of a boy in our project in India.

What made her get involved in ICC UK?

''I attended a presentation by Pastor Blackburn which I found very interesting and intriguing. I then made my own research on the charity and this confirmed that it is a charity I want to work with. The charity focuses on having and does have a positive impact on children’s life which is long term and sustainable. It is child and relationship centred. I found the charity is not only a charity, but a family.''

Shorai worships at Aylesbury Church. You can find her there on the sabbath and she would love to make your acquaintance and chat please don't be a stranger if you see her out and about at any SDA event etc please say hello!

If you don't happen to see her in person you can reach out to Shorai any time she would love to hear from you!




Wilmoth has been apart of the ICC UK family for approximately 3 years!

What got him get involved in ICC UK? 

''I had followed the organisation and admired their work for several years and was motivated by the humanitarian need around the world for Homeless & Abandoned children. My passion, experience and burden for young people made me realise how much more awareness was needed among our Churches and the general public.''

You can reach out to Wilmoth any time he would love to hear from you!

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Program Coordinator

Clare has been with ICC UK for 4 years now.

What made her want to be involved in ICC UK?

''I love that ICC UK is different to other children's charities, we offer family homes to orphaned or abandoned children. These families stay together for a lifetime even after the children have grown up. A lot of the children come back to our projects and villages and in some capacity help them whether it is financial help or with their skills they have learnt in their careers. Being a small U.K. charity every bit of help is always greatly appreciated.''

Clare is everything office and admin at ICC UK you can reach Clare at any time she would love to hear from you!