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YOU Can Provide a "Gift of Hope "a message from the USA

Well, this month we have a tremendous “gift of hope” to be thankful for. We have had 4-5 different ICC family members step up with a challenge to our full donor family here at the end of this year.

These few donors have put together their monies and told us that they will match the “extra” donations that come in for the children from now until the end of the year, up to a specific amount.

We do not have that total for you yet since these donors are still contemplating their final challenge amounts, but we do know that it will be in excess of $100,000. That means that this could total over $200,000 to provide hope for the children’s programs!

What an amazing blessing that the children are so thankful for! These dollars will go to feed, clothe, educate and give these children a hope in their lives that will go far beyond this holiday season. YOU can be a BIG part of this opportunity this holiday season by sending in an extra donation this year and earmarking it “Matching Hope.’

You can have your donation matched 100% this holiday season. This will become a double-blessing in the children’s lives.

When we all think about an investment, we think that 3%, 5% or more is a great return on our investment. Today, you have a short window in which you can have 100% of your investment into the lives of the children matched.

This matching grant can bring the hope to the children’s lives that they so much need and desire if each one of us can just give a little extra. YOU can make that happen. YOU can help to change the lives of so many this year by your special gift that will be matched.

Please consider giving to this special matching grant opportunity ASAP. This won’t last long, so please make sure you are part of this wonderful “Gift of Hope” for the children’s lives.

God bless each one of you as you prayerfully consider doubling your investment this holiday season.

Always thankful to, and for each one of you,

Doug Congleton

Executive Director


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