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Three ICC Girls Graduate in Romania

Even the current world-wide pandemic can’t dampen our excitement for the three young ladies who recently graduated from the Adventist High School in Bucharest Romania at the end of June.

Florentina “Flori,” Valentina “Teo,” and Daniela “Bety” successfully navigated the final year of high school, having to take their last classes online at the ICC Romania children’s village.

According to Flori, “The online classes weren't actually as I expected. It was very difficult to focus and learn.... The teacher advised us to enjoy life and to put God first place in our life.”

This past year, both Flori and Bety were baptized. This is a testament to your loving support which helped provide the education and training they first received at the ICC Romania Children’s village and that was extended at the Adventist High School.

Regarding their future plans, Teo would like to study nursing. It’s something she has wanted to do since she was a child. And she wants to be a good nurse, treating people seriously and with interest. Flori also wants to be a nurse and make a contribution in people’s lives by helping them. Bety wants to attend university and study Veterinary Medicine. It’s something that has interested her as well since she was a child. Please pray for these young ladies as they embark on a new chapter of life.

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