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Update for the Villages


Since 1996, DEWS Sweet Home Children’s Village in India has been providing nurturing care for orphan and vulnerable children. Space is somewhat limited on the village campus, but there is room for five children’s homes, a garden, and a large playfield. Education is of vital importance for the children. It’s a blessing that the Flaiz Adventist College and School is located adjacent to the Sweet Home village. This enables the children to receive a quality education as they prepare to live independently. God continued to bless the children, caregivers, and support staff during 2023. Every year Sweet Home celebrates their anniversary. This year was their 27th anniversary. There were renovations in 3 houses. Two houses remain to be renovated.

New Children Joining The Family

In 2023, five new children joined the DEWS Sweet Home family. One of those children was 10-year-old Kanu*. Kanu was homeless and didn’t have food or water.

There was no one to care for him. Someone told Kanu about the Sweet Home Children’s Village where orphans have a home and their needs met. This appealed to him and since he didn’t have any other way to get to Sweet Home, he walked there all by himself. This was quite an undertaking for a 10-year- old boy! When the staff members of Sweet Home heard Kanu’s story, they welcomed him into the family where he found the love and nurturing care that he needed. Your support makes it possible for Kanu, and other children, to realise a beautiful future. Thank you!

Celebrating and Mentoring

Each year, the DEWS Sweet Home family enjoys celebrating the anniversary of when the children’s village was founded. In 2023, it was the 27th anniversary. Two grown ICC children – older brothers – attended this special event and took some

time to share their testimonies. This was a time to reminisce and to mentor the current family of children – their little brothers and sisters.

Timothy was one of the older boys who shared. Before coming to ICC, Timothy had been abandoned at a train station. He didn’t even remember his own name.

Currently, Timothy is a teacher in the Theology department of Flaiz Adventist College. Timothy shared his experience and shared a few tips on how to utilise the opportunity that each of the children now have, as many children outside don’t have food, clothing, and shelter.

Karunakar came from a similar background and recently completed his nursing degree.During the height of the pandemic, he went above and beyond to help care for the children both assisting in best-practice health education as

well as in daily family care. He often returns to his Sweet Home family and provides snacks and special meals.

Karunakar talked to the children and explained how his life changed after coming to Sweet Home and shared that this is his home forever. Celebrations like this draw the large and growing Sweet Home family together. For the grown children who are now on their own, it provides opportunities to reconnect and recount their blessings.

For the younger children it inspires them to see what can be possible for their future.

The Finishing Touches

The Sweet Home Children’s Village tries to ensure that, as the children approach the age of independence, they have the skills needed to survive and thrive on their own. This may include helping them obtain technical training or a college degree. This effort is considered the “finishing touch” for the young adult.

In 2023 Poornima and Preethi, two of Sweet Home’s older girls, graduated with degrees in nursing. This profession has become a popular pathway towards independence for several of the older children from Sweet Home. Poornima joined our ICC family in December 1999 when she was just a few months old. She was the third child in her family. In her culture, it is considered bad luck if the third child born into a family is a girl, and it is common for them to be abandoned. Preethi came to Sweet Home in November of 2000.

She was also abandoned and grew up in the hospital where she was born. The Business Manager at the hospital was impressed with the care being given to children at Sweet Home and eventually arranged for Preethi to join the Sweet Home family.

Both Poornima and Preethi have taken full advantage of the nurturing care they received at Sweet Home and are now able to live independently. What a blessing these young women

have received from the support of individuals like you.

Dominican Republic

The Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2024. This village continues to provide a haven of refuge for children in this society from poor or dysfunctional families. Problems these families encounter include such things as alcoholism, drugs, abuse, and mental health challenges.

Improving Living Spaces

In 2023, two children’s homes received extensive maintenance, renovations, and upgrades. This was made possible thanks to gifts received from donors. Ten girls reside in house #6 where renovations included new cabinets, new bathrooms, and new floor tiles. It is believed that some of the old tiles were from when the home was originally built in

the 1980’s. One upgrade was to include a built-in desk for the bedrooms so the girls can have a place to study.

When a new child arrives at Las Palmas, they are welcomed with love and nurturing care and are made to feel a part of the family.

New Children Joining the Family

When house #1 was being renovated, ten new children were admitted to the Children’s Village. Five of those ten children were siblings and arrived from a very sad situation. They lacked the care of their parents. The oldest was only ten years old, and she was responsible for taking care of her younger siblings, ranging from ages 1 to 5. Their mother was gone to work from 7:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Their father was not able to support the family. The children’s village quickly became a place where they all felt cared for and protected. With the loving care of Las Palmas house parents, the children were able to eat well and sleep securely. All of this was made possible through the generous support of donors. House #6 Kitchen Before: House #6 Kitchen After: provide an enhanced living environment for the girls, it also protects an important resource that donors helped to provide. Prior to being renovated, house #1 was not being used as a home for children. It needed to be renovated so that it could be placed back into service. Work on this home included fresh paint and new closets.

The home is being used now specifically for temporary placement for children who come from emergency situations. It is a big need of the government to have such a place for vulnerable children. Some of the children may eventually be integrated into the Las Palmas family, while others will return to their families once the crisis has passed.

Celebrating Milestones

December 3, 2023, was a joyful time at the Las Palmas Children’s Village as four girls celebrated what is called Quinceañera. This is a special birthday recognition when a girl turns 15 years old and symbolically passes from childhood to young womanhood. At Las Palmas, the girls turning 15 celebrate together and not on their actual birthdays. One of the girls shared the following: “I arrived in 2015 at Las Palmas along with my brother. I thank God for allowing me to come to the Children’s Village. Today, I thank God for the privilege of celebrating my birthday. I thank my sponsors for supporting me.”

Music Therapy

Las Palmas children continue to immerse themselves in a quality music program. Through the years, the Las Palmas orchestra has performed locally as well as in the United States. Samilin Lora, Las Palmas Director, had this to say about the music program. “As an educator, I have been able to see how vulnerable children find in music learning a support for their emotional growth and the expression of their emotions. They also find joy and tranquility in music. Being aware of this evidence is why I maintain that in educational projects for vulnerable children, musical education is of great importance and great utility for their learning to reach the expected levels that allow them to achieve their goals and dreams broken by the pain that life has. Thank you for your support in making this a reality for the children.”


This month our elementary school kids had the opportunity to enjoy the school walk. The activity took place in the Arroyo Yaxtunilá, which is a source of crystal clear waters in the municipality of Las Cruces, Petén, then they got to know the Island of Flores and Lake Petén Itzá.

Without a doubt, it was an incredible experience for them. For most of the children it was their first walk. They were so happy and excited that they didn't sleep during the trip.

To end the activity, they had dinner at a pizza restaurant that always supports our activities by offering us their best prices. Incredibly several of the children tried the pizza for the first time.

We are grateful and satisfied to be part of the first experiences in the lives of these children. Experiences that will undoubtedly be marked in your memories and in your hearts.

Thanks to everyone who without hesitation supports this Home and is part of the hope of a better Guatemala.

ICC Spring Lunch

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors who attended our Spring Lunch. Your presence and support made the event truly special. Your generosity and commitment to our cause are invaluable, and we are deeply grateful for your continued partnership.

The success of the Spring Lunch is a testament to the power of community and the difference we can make together. With your help, we are able to further our mission and bring positive change to the lives of so many children and families.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support. We look forward to seeing you at our future events.

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