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The Gathering Place: A New Video Series brought to you by ICC USA

The Gathering Place is a new monthly series designed to provide additional details of stories featured in ICC newsletters. It is hosted by Doug Congleton, Executive Director for ICC Americas.

It is a joy to share the inspirational stories of how God is using your support to bless the children of ICC. There are stories of grown children and growing children. There are stories of miracles and manifestations of God’s love. They are reminders that God is working, through you, in every detail of life at the ICC Children’s Villages.

It can be a challenge fitting the many stories on our newsletters and new posts. There are often details that simply won’t fit. That is why we are excited to share a new video series with you: The Gathering Place.

The Gathering Place is a new monthly series. It will provide additional details of stories that are featured in our monthly newsletter. For example, it will include things like interviews with grown children, stories from workers at the children's villages, and other touching updates. Doug Congleton, Executive Director for ICC Americas, hosts this series.

The first episode of The Gathering Place went live in September. In that edition, Ricardo Medina answers questions about his life growing up at El Oasis Children’s Village. He is now a dental surgeon and was featured in the Back to School September newsletter. To watch that video, and to keep up-to-date with future episodes of The Gathering Place, visit

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