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Staying Safe and Studying

Updated: Feb 1

ICC kids share their experience as university students during the pandemic.

For people all around the world, life dramatically changed when the global pandemic was announced. On March 17, the President of Guatemala declared a state of emergency and with it some security measures for the population. Anabela, Director of the Receiving Center in Guatemala City, interviewed a few of the college-age students who are currently studying in Guatemala City. Here they share from their experiences.

What is it like to stay at the receiving centre and not go to an actual classroom for your college classes?

“It’s totally different because we do not have a fixed schedule to send homework. Homework is given at the time that suits the teacher. I miss the classroom schedule.” – Teresa de Jesus Alvarez

What is the biggest challenge you face while studying in this way?

“Being able to do the work well. Many times when I don’t understand something, it is difficult to communicate with the teachers.” – Manuela Rubi Marquez Morales

How is the lockdown impacting your goal to obtain a college degree?

“It was really surprising that suddenly everything changed radically. For example, one of the requirements to graduate is to do a teaching practice in a government or private school, but it is not possible because all the private and public schools are closed, meanwhile I am putting all my effort to advance what is possible.” – Teresa de Jesus Alvarez

"I have really realized that by receiving online classes I am advancing in my career and I can go ahead in the future to be able to obtain the title of Teaching in secondary education and technical in educational administration." – Aura Salome Beteta Feliciano

What do you look forward to the most once this lockdown is lifted?

"Going to university and receiving face-to-face classes so I can continue learning more and I also want to see my classmates. – Aura Salome Beteta Feliciano

"Three things: 1. Give thanks to God for his care. 2. Start studying formally. 3. See the people that I love." – Manuela Rubi Marquez Morales

Although these changes are difficult, we thank God that there are no positive cases within ICC Projects. Above all, we are sure that God takes care of His children. He uses people like you to provide abundant blessings and love. Thank you very much for supporting the children. God bless you!

Your gifts help make it possible for these students to attend school. Each of these young women are studying to become teachers. From left to right, Manuela Rubi Marquez Morales, Teresa de Jesus Alvarez, and Aura Salome Beteta Feliciano.

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