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Sparing The Pain And Suffering Of A Child

A Personal Reflection From A Supporter Of The Children. One of our ICC family members wrote the following account of his own childhood experience. Though he wishes to remain anonymous, he does attest to the impact your support can have on the life of an orphan child.

I’ve lived in Europe and Asia and have visited nearly 30 countries. As I recall some of my visits, I am reminded of a time when my wife and I were part of a team sent to the Dominican Republic for evangelism. Thankfully, we had the opportunity to visit the ICC school there. Seeing the kids and the care they were being given made it especially important to me afterwards in giving to ICC. Here’s why.

I am the last of eight children in a broken, dysfunctional family. My father left my mother ending their marriage in a divorce that separated us kids. With the loss of the farm and our home, my mother had to work to support us. But things never seemed to go well with her, and I in particular became a burden she never wanted, and that resulted in my being given away twice by the time I was twelve.

"The boy or girl you help will someday pass it on"

I had moved 17 times and again found myself living with my mom; this time in the upstairs of a somewhat converted barn. A school dropout, I found little work. It was time for me to leave on my own. At 17, I joined the military.

After the service I worked odd jobs for many years until finally using the GI benefits to help me through college. Earning a degree helped me secure a good job the rest of my working life. All of this happened many years ago. I’m retired now, and though I’m not rich, neither am I “poor.” Faith in God saw me through it all. But I missed my childhood, family, early education, and making trusting friends when I was young, all of which ICC provides to the orphaned kids they take in.

You can help spare the pain and suffering of a child you’ve never met by giving to ICC. The boy or girl you help will someday “pass it on,” and this will lead to Jesus who is gathering them from “every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.” Rev. 14:6.

For His Kids,


Growing Up and Giving Back

Part 2

Last September, we shared with you the story of Cinthia, one of ICC’s children from the El Oasis Children’s Village in Mexico.

At the time, Cinthia, had completed her training to become a dentist and was anticipating returning to serve the people in the valley she had called home for many years.

She had received a job offer to work at the Adventist clinic that was opening a new dental area.

On December 3, Cinthia and distinguished guests participated in a special dedication service. On hand were representatives of the local church, Baja Conference and North Mexico Union as well as Montemorelos University and Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital.

After the opening ceremony a Christmas program was offered to the community members who were there. The program included El Oasis’ kids and employees. The program featured a living nativity scene as well as musical numbers.

Cinthia is truly blessed by the support that ICC family members like you provided her. And now she has returned and is able to “pay forward” your loving kindness to others. Thank you for your support of “His kids!”

Cinthia is featured in Episode Eight of ICC’s video series, The Gathering Place. To hear Cinthia tell her own story use this link;

Photo Caption: Members of the delegations from the local Adventist church, the Baja Conference, the North Mexico Union, and Monemorelos University, dedicate Cinthia Tovar and the new clinic at the grand opening of the new dental section of the Adventist medical clinic in the town of Valle de la Trinidad in Baja, Mexicoa.

Shepherding The Family

2022 came with Omicron, affecting a major part of the global population. Several of us at the ICC office got COVID this year. ICC’s children and staff around the world got it too. Thankfully, everyone afflicted with the Omicron variant recovered.

Did you or anyone in your family get hit with Omicron? A better question is, do we live in fear that we will catch the virus, or do we prepare for our time to be sick and fight the virus with the medicinal arsenal God gave us?

I believe resilience is built on preparation through troubles. Resilience — or confidence in Biblical terms is the ability to face hardship with the knowledge that God’s presence and blessing continues to be with you.

Photo Caption: A guitar ensemble from El Oasis entertains the guests at the dedication of the new dental clinic operated by Cinthia Tovar who grew up as one of “His Kids.”

Paul (and others) in scripture acknowledged God’s presence and blessing in their lives, even as they suffered in prison — even as they struggled with their temporary “COVID” affliction.

One reason why you and I support ICC is because it is a global statement that we — the children that we care for and all of us adults — can be resilient, even in the midst of suffering. We may not be able to change our circumstances, but through Christ we can respond to them with confidence. As we learn to trust in Christ, His blessing will be upon us, regardless of what happens.

Photo Caption: This living Nativity scene was part of the dedication ceremonies held for the opening of the dental clinic in the town of Valle de la Trinidad near El Oasis.

Please keep praying that God will transform our children’s hearts, and the hearts of the adults as well. Let’s also pray for a Spirit-filled 2022, regardless of the circumstances! Because with Christ, Satan’s attacks can’t touch our bond with Christ. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” — Romans 8: 38, 39

By William Hurtado

Prior to joining ICC’s support staff, William Hurtado served as a pastor for 20 years. Long before working for ICC, William and his family sponsored ICC children. He is passionate about helping orphan children experience a better life in Jesus.


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