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News & Notes From Your ICC Family

Thanks to the support of ICC family members like YOU, the children continue to

grow and thrive within loving homes. ICC children’s villages are busy and active


The following update provides a small window into the life and times of ICC

children’s program you help to sustain.

Dominican Republic

In Mark 14:7 (ESV) Jesus said, “For you always have the poor with you, and

whenever you want, you can do good for them...”

As we look around the world today, we see that man’s best attempts to end poverty are met with challenges beyond man’s control.

According to the World Bank, efforts to end poverty have suffered a setback for

the first time in 20 years largely due to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic that compounded other factors.

It is expected that an additional 120 million people are living in poverty because

of the pandemic and that number will likely rise to 150 million by the end of this year.1

Yes, Jesus’ prediction about poverty is true as well as His observation that,

“whenever you want you can do good for [the poor].

What a blessing it is for many children who are innocent victims of extreme

poverty that YOU care for them and are in fact doing “good for them.”

This is the case for three siblings at our Las Palmas Children village in the Dominican Republic. Their parents are unable to provide care for these children and now, they have become part of our ICC family.

However, they will need ongoing support. “You can do good for them” through

sponsorship or pledging a monthly gift to help provide for the care they need.

Until Jesus returns, there will be children like this who need you.

Thank you for what you do for the children!

These three siblings have come to our ICC family in the Dominican Republic as victims of extreme poverty. They need nurturing care to help them thrive in their new surroundings. Will you sponsor one of them today or pledge a monthly gift to help provide for their care? Thank you!


Another school year has begun at the El Oasis Children’s Village and the school-aged children are busy with classes and activities at the school on the campus.

Because of the relatively small size of the student population on campus,

arrangements have been made with Linda Vista University to be a satellite school for students through grade 10.

The children take their classes online assisted by teacher’s aides. Students above grade 10 must leave home and complete their high school years at Linda Vista.

With the pepper project, weather and water are two issues that are followed very closely.

The large pepper fields need abundant water and rains to keep their underground water supply stable for the pepper crop.

Unfortunately, hail sometimes accompanies the rain storms that sweep through

the valley.

That is what happened recently, and it caused quite a bit of damage to one

particular harvest (picking) of peppers.

It was a blessing that some of that harvest was able to be salvaged and sold at a reduced price.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless this important crop so that it will help El Oasis be more self-sustaining.

The children are blessed to have a school facility on the El Oasis campus.


The ICC Children’s program in Romania is being phased out over time. This is due to changes within government policies that made it too difficult to operate a full program of support to orphan and vulnerable children.

ICC sponsors continue to help provide “The Finishing Touch” to four girls as they prepare to live independently.

Mia is preparing for her final high school exams. Anne is staring her third year of studies in dentistry. Her sister, Daniela, is beginning studies in economics.

Valentina is in her second year of nursing school.

God has blessed these girls. The’re taking advantage of the opportunities being provided them.

Left to Right Mia, Anne, Daniela, and Valentina.


Recently we shared the sad news of the sudden death of Michael Nyarko-Baasi, ICC Ghana director and father figure.

In the face of this tragedy, we are thankful that Michael’s wife, Rose, has agreed to take up his responsibilities to help direct and provide support for the children and house parents.

Please pray for Rose, the children and house parents.

El Salvador

At any given time, one of ICC’s children’s villages may be going through a process

of obtaining re-authorization from the government.

This is the current situation in El Salvador. A thick packet of information must be

attended to. As well as an inspection of the buildings and children’s files.

Difference Makers

Following God's Call to Care for Orphans – Part 2

“[G]ive, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38 ESV

Generosity is one of the characteristics of ICC donors like YOU! And as the text above indicates, as you give generously, so God provides generously for you. In this way, YOU are being a Difference Maker in the lives of “His Kids.”

Everyone within the ICC family is a Difference Maker — each person in their own way. Whether it’s through generous financial gifts that help provide for Christian caregivers, food, and clothes or through prayer support that helps shield and protect the children, YOUR contributions are valuable and very much appreciated by the children.

Throughout the ICC family of supporters there are many wonderful examples of what it means to be a Difference Maker. This includes Debbie McDonald who paints a beautiful picture of what it means — literally!

Debbie started painting after an accident resulted in a serious knee injury.

Unable to work, or even walk easily, she took up painting. What started out as a

simple hobby soon turned into a way to bless others.

Debbie McDonald used her artistic talent to paint a portrait of one of ICC’s children

[right-hand image]. Like Debbie, you are a Difference Maker. Your support helps the children to grow and thrive within the ICC family. When the children learn about

Jesus, He paints a portrait of Himself in their lives. Thank you!

Rather than just paint for herself, Debbie enjoys painting things that make others happy. She paints portraits for her friends to remember passed loved ones by, and photos to brighten churches and sanctuaries. Recently, she also painted an ICC child from one of the children’s villages.

Again, each member of the ICC family of supporters is a Difference Maker. The children appreciate you very much.

If you have a special story to share or creative way that you are making a difference for Jesus through this ministry, please visit:

Your story may inspire others to step out in faith and try creative ways to bless the kids! God is working through your time and efforts to bless the children.

Thank you for being a ‘Difference Maker!’

As a part of the ICC family, Debbie has a heart for children. When she learned about how this child arrived sick and in desperate need of care, she felt inspired to tell others about the girl’s story. Yet, rather than use words, she used a paint brush.

Now, Debbie’s painting speaks to the heart of all who see it, reminding others that there are orphans who need their help! It is an inspiration for others to step out in faith to give, and to become Difference Makers in their own way.

Charity Of The Year Award

ICC Have Been Nominated As Finalists

Thank you! We are so excited to have been chosen as a finalist for the Charity of the Year award.

Be sure to follow us @UK_ICC and @Charity_Today on Twitter. QR codes linked below.

We are honoured to be chosen, and we couldn't of done it without your support.

We will be announcing the voting process in next months edition. Stay tuned to find out more about what is happening with the ICC UK.

Summer of Hope

Your Gifts of Love

Summer has passed, and Fall is here. However, the Summer of Hope Matching Challenge still has funds needing to be matched. As often happens, this summer has been especially tight. And the children still need your help!

A total of $65,007 has been donated for matching gifts — which will double the

impact of your support! This is such an important financial blessing. It will provide food, shelter, and loving care for the children.

As unmatched funds still remain, you can provide a double blessing. If you give $100, it will be matched as $200. If you give $500, a $1,000 gift will result. What a blessing for the children!

At the time of publication $20,509 remains to be matched. [This amount will

have changed.]

When you donate, please mark your gifts as “Summer of Hope” or visit:

Visit the ICC website for weekly updates showing your progress in reaching the

goal of this matching challenge.

Thank you for providing the children with hope!

Thank you for your continued support!

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