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Congo Update

Catastrophe in D.R. Congo

By Désiré Murhima, Patmos Children’s Village Administrator

On May 4, 2023, a catastrophic event occurred in the neighbouring territory of Kalehe, only a few miles away from Patmos Children's Village: specifically in the bordering villages of Bushushu, Kyabondo and Nyamukubi.

It was a market day so there was a mass of people in one area buying, selling, and passing through. Heavy torrents of rain fell on these villages in a short time, causing mudslides, material damage, and enormous loss of human life. Houses, churches, schools, and many other infrastructures were buried in the mudflow and washed away in the waters of Lake Kivu.

Over 500 men, women, children, and many animals died in a short time. All the rivers in the region overflowed their banks, causing enormous damage to food crops planted along the various waterways. Beans, peanuts, cassavas, soy, etc., were washed away and covered by erosion, sand, and stones. In the neighbouring territory of Kalehe, the roofs of houses, schools and churches were blown off by a violent wind that blew that day in an unusual way.

About 10 km from the village of Patmos, there was a powerful landslide in Muganzo that swept all the land to the west. The Patmos Children's Village experienced the heavy rain too. The losses on campus were mainly material. We thank God because we did not experience any human loss of life.

All the land on the shores of Lake Kivu and along the Kagohwa River was flooded with water and mud from the hills above the children's village. The erosion has washed away almost all the food crops down to the lake level.

Rain, flooding and mudslides devastated a territory near Patmos Children's Village. Because of your support, preparations were made that allowed the Children's Village to withstand the storm. Although the children are safe from physical harm, they will face challenges because of this tragedy.

This natural phenomenon may have a serious impact on the nutritional status of the children for several years as the agricultural production will be greatly reduced. We must spend more money on food from far-away sources.

We are grateful that ICC previously built channels to direct the rainwater from the hill to the lake; otherwise, the whole children’s village would suffer the same flooding as Kalehe. However, we need other drains built in all the paths from the children's homes to the main canal to save what remains and prevent the houses from collapsing.

Photo One: After working with local authorities, we prayerfully agreed to accept 43 of these children. It has taken much effort, resources, and time to organize the way to bring these children here and accommodate them. They are traumatised and many are sick with various ailments.

Photo Two: This crisis left many children newly orphaned. Thanks to your prayers, the Lord made it possible for Patmos Children's Village to accept 43 children.

We thank the ICC family for your prayers for divine intervention. The Lord was with us and helped us to find ways to accommodate these new children, although our homes on campus are already full.

We need your prayers and financial support to meet the needs of these new children while serving the others in our care. God bless the ICC family for your support of our high calling to care for orphans.

Photo One: In the wake of natural disaster, a group of 43 newly-orphaned children arrived at Patmos Children's Village. It is only by God's blessing and your care that these children were able to be accepted into the family. They are traumatised and many are sick with various ailments. Yet, we have faith that the Lord will provide. Thank you for helping to support the children!

Photo Two: Children were welcomed on campus with a healthy meal and a sundown worship. Thanks to God – and thanks to the care of people like you – healing for these precious little ones is possible.

Now More Than Ever, I Am Part of the ICC Family

By Brian Manley

Aren’t you glad to be part of the ICC family? Recently we have been capturing video of ICC staff, children and supporters saying enthusiastically, “I am part of the ICC family!”

The ICC family is a wonderful, growing body of people from all over the world.

Recently, I was part of an administrative visit to the Children’s Village of Las Palmas, in the Dominican Republic. We spent about one week meeting with the staff and administration of the project as well as interacting with the children and house parents on campus.

We met our staff nurse in the GW Brown Medical Clinic located on campus. Her name is Karen and she shared how she had grown up at Las Palmas where her mom and dad served as house parents. She talked about how close she grew to the orphan children in their home and how they remain closely connected to this day. Karen declared, “I am part of the ICC family!”

We were able to do a video interview of Karen and will share that soon on our website.

We also interacted with Antonio who runs the farm. We passed fields where food is grown for the Children’s Village: pineapple, banana’s, yucca, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce.

Antonio is so committed to the health of the children and he knows his crops well. His dedication and hard work running the farm speaks volumes: “I am part of the ICC family!”

We spent quality time with Mario and Samilin the project Directors. Their hospitality and loving care for the staff and children was heartwarming. Their influence exemplifies what it means to be part of the ICC family. They both joyfully declared, “We are part of the ICC family!”

Children in the homes on campus who came from tragic circumstances are the core of the ICC family. They are receiving care and support to heal the wounds in their hearts. They are embraced in a spiritually nurturing environment where they learn to trust fully in Jesus for all their needs. They see Jesus at the very centre of the ICC family. And the children we met there can confidently say, “I am part of a family. ... I am part of the ICC family!”

Recent torrential rains devastated the province of South Kivu, in Congo, leaving many children orphaned there. From this crisis, ICC Patmos Children’s Village took in 43 new children in June.

Tragically, they lost their family. So, recently, by the grace of God, they too can grow to find healing and nurture within the ICC family.

The ICC Family is full of caring individuals all around the world, such as Karen, staff nurse at Las Palmas Children's Village. You, too, are part of the ICC family! Through your prayers and support, hurting children find love and care. Thank you, now more than ever, for blessing the children!

Watch Now! ICC 3ABN Interviews

Rick Fleck and Brian Manley of ICC were interviewed on 3ABN as part of the 3ABN Today program. In this interview, Rick and Brian discuss the importance of “Caring for the Least of These” through the lens of ICC's orphan ministry.

Milton and Gricelda Casasola, who grew up at Los Pinos Children's Village in Guatemala, are also featured as part of the presentation. This program was first broadcast in May of 2023.

Visit the following link to watch the full interview.

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