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Can You Help?

As you may have seen due to spikes in expenses and a decrease in donations, it’s increasingly difficult to provide for the needs of the children.

Just now, while ICC children are on your mind, can you please send an extra gift or amount? On behalf of the children, thank you very much for helping provide for their needs!

Spike in Expenses and Donation Decline – Your Help Needed!

COVID-19 is causing financial challenges at ICC projects. The administrators are doing what they can to adjust and still provide for the children. Prices are spiking as the supply chain has been disrupted. The spike in costs comes at a time when donations have declined. It is increasingly difficult to send the funds that the children need.

Would you be able to send an extra gift or amount during this critical time?

Thank you for your continued support and for any extra boost you can provide this summer!

God bless you,

Rick Fleck, ICC President

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