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Back to School Fund

Can you remember...

• The scent of a freshly sharpened pencil,

• The kaleidoscope of colours in a big box of 64 crayons,

• The glossy feel of a textbook cover as you opened it the first time,

• The distinct sound made when you clicked open your three-ring notebook to insert paper?

There’s nothing quite like the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of the first day of school for ICC children. And, being dressed appropriately in a clean, crisp uniform is not only required by government education authorities, it is also an important part of the experience.

Having the correct supplies and dressing appropriately does wonders for helping the children gain the most from their schooling.

But there are high costs involved. A pair of school uniforms (one for wearing while the other is being laundered) and shoes can easily cost well over $50 per year. And instructional aids, materials and school supplies can cost over $100. While sponsors help to provide for much that the children need, there are still gaps, and additional funds are needed.

You have the opportunity right now to ensure that the children have the essentials they need to thrive this school year.

Would you consider giving an extra $25, $50 or even $100 in support of the children and their education needs?

You have helped kids like Stephen to experience the joy of success. And now a new generation of students is looking to you to help them achieve great things! Please consider designating your gift as “Back to School Fund.” The children thank you!

With your help, a new generation of students will be able to grow and experience the blessing of education.


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