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A Tragic Loss

Please pray for the DEWS Sweet Home village as the mourn the loss of one of the house fathers named Mattai who passed away last week. He recently contracted COVID-19 and his condition was complicated by blood sugar issues and asthma. His condition with COVID-19 seemed to improve and then he suffered what appears to be a heart attack.

Pastor Mattai and his wife have been house parents at Sweet home for almost 9 years. Udai, our business manager, said, "I was like a son to him and we had fun times together and discussed many things." The whole campus is grieving. He leaves behind his wife, Krupa, two daughters and a son.

Rick Fleck received some comments from people who knew Mattai:

They (Mattai and wife) did well and took care of our kids. Whenever someone felt sick, he would ask us to take them to the hospital and would always be asking for an update on how they were doing. He stayed in the hospital for 2-3 days when P*** was in the hospital. He was a great help to our Home. I was like a son to him, and we had fun times together and discussed many things. - Udai (former ICC kid and current business manager there)

Pr. Mattai was a real father to everyone on the campus. He was the go-to person at all of our meetings for prayer and sharing scriptures. He was concerned for every child on the campus. He carried a very pleasant and smiling face all the time. He was also very much driven by passion for ministry. He is a great loss to everyone at our Sweet Home. - Rao (Susan's husband)

Pr. Mattai was a great and exemplary father to our Sweet Home family - a kind-hearted, hard working, honest and faithful man. - Susan (administrator)

He came to Sweet home with his family on January 8th ,2014. He has been a great help at Sweet home Campus. He worked in our garden as manager, also filled the role of being our campus Pastor for all the special events at sweet home. He was humble and always spoke well about Sweet home and the help that ICC has been providing whenever he got the privilege to speak outside of the campus.. He helped us in many ways taking care of our kids, during their sickness and providing general medication, praying for sick and visiting them. He always greets people with smile and respects everyone equally. Children and staff loved him and he has a special place in our hearts and on our campus, as he was a trusted partner on the campus.

May God be with the ICC Family in India during this time of loss. And may he keep all of us in his loving care.

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