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Your September Issue

Growing Up & Giving Back

Cinthia, Grown ICC Child, Shares Her Story

Cinthia soon learned about God's love, and about the worldwide family of supporters who share in that love.

“If there is a happy place for me, that’s El Oasis,” Said Cinthia. “Why? Because it gives me peace. They helped me a lot, spiritually, emotionally and in every aspect of life growing up.”

As Cinthia grew up, she discovered a desire to help others. That is when she decided, with God’s blessing, to study to become a dental surgeon.

I’m a person who loves to smile and laugh, so I started thinking if I have the chance, why not help more people to smile?” Cinthia said. “That was the moment when I asked God, ‘Lord, if you want me to study this, I will.’ And I had the opportunity!”

Not only did Cinthia gain the opportunity to attend dental school, but now, after graduation, she has been invited to serve at a local community near El Oasis.

“I never thought I could go to Montemorelos University to become a dental surgeon, but God led me, and I know I can help many people now … If I’m close to El Oasis and I can support them, I know they need help, I say yes – one hundred percent!”

Cinthia's spirit of helpfulness is a beautiful reflection of the support that you so willingly provide. There are many more children, just like Cinthia, waiting for someone to reach out with a helping hand of support. Thank you for helping the kids!

The Gathering Place, Episode 008, will be available in the near future, featuring Cinthia's story.

  1. CAPTION: After the loss of their grandmother, Cinthia and her two sisters found themselves all alone in the world. So, the Mexican Department of Children’s Services brought the girls to El Oasis to start a new life.

  2. CAPTION: Cinthia, pictured left in 2007, lives her life with a spirit of helpfulness that you helped to develop through acts of selfless support. She graduated as a dental surgeon from Montemorelos University in 2020, pictured right. Now, she gives back by working at a dental clinic near El Oasis, where she can help provide care to the current children.

Pandemic at Los Pinos

Joel Carpio, Los Pinos Director, Shares About God’s Protection Through COVID-19

Last month, an outbreak of COVID-19 took place on the Los Pinos campus in Guatemala. The virus spread quickly, causing over half of the village to test positive. Yet, thanks to your prayers and support, Joel Carpio, ICC Administrator, was able to act fast with his team to protect and care for the children and staff. Now, Joel reports that the campus is almost totally recovered with no fatalities!

The following is a translated report from Joel that shares about how God protected Los Pinos through the COVID-19 outbreak.

In July 2021, everyone on campus felt excited to enjoy two weeks of vacation. Our children were happy because it would be two weeks without class and with many activities organized for them. It would be a great two weeks. Then, on day one of the vacation, everything changed.

We had the first positive case of COVID-19 on our campus. It took a week to take all those who had symptoms to the Public Health Care Center to be tested. There were many positive cases. We went into total quarantine.

Each family remained in their homes. The sick isolated in rooms. The healthy took on the daily work outside of the house, such as taking care of the cattle, the chicken coop, and the purchases of food and supplies for the homes. Our nurse has been at the forefront, along with our directors.

We had a few cases that required medical attention, but without major complications. Three of our employees had to be hospitalized, one of whom was in intensive care for a few days, but they recovered and they were able to get home!

We praise the name of God! Even in the midst of the chaos that we lived through in these weeks, God was with Hogar Los Pinos.

The medical bill was far over budget. We still have debts with the pharmacy and with the family doctor of the Hogar, who treated each child and each employee even knowing that we could not pay him on the spot.

We know that we have a God of love and mercy, and we have seen his mighty hand act on behalf of his beloved children. We also know that He will provide what we need. Glory to God for his care and protection!

We also thank God for the workers who ran the extra mile in this situation. Some, still feeling bad because of the sickness that they themselves were going through, took care of our children and attended areas that could not be neglected. Without their goodwill, it would have been much more difficult.

Almost a month after the first positive case, we are already leaving the quarantine of the second group of infected. Myriam, the nurse, is currently managing vaccines for those over 18 years of age and for employees.

We have resumed the activities strictly necessary. ICAP students are receiving virtual classes. It is not yet decided when we will meet again in the church to worship God. What is certain is that the first service will be one of gratitude and testimonies, since God worked miracles in the lives of many of our co-workers and some of our young people who were in a more delicate situation.

My first prayer when learning of the first positive case was, “Lord, I implore you that we all get out of this and that we continue to be completely together. I implore you not to lose anyone, Father.”

The Lord heard me and fulfilled me. Praise his name forever!

  1. CAPTION: The campus nurse, Myriam, worked hard to provide care across Los Pinos. Thank you for helping to provide homes and children's villages with such caring staff!

  2. CAPTION: It took an entire week to test and quarantine the infected families and staff. Mercifully, in no small part thanks to your prayers, all have now recovered.

  3. CAPTION: Those who tested positive for COVID-19 received medicine packets to aid in recovery. Please continue to pray for the safety of the children!

Kitchen Improvements in Congo!

New Stoves Bring Joy to Patmos Children's Village

Can you imagine the challenge it would be to cook a hearty meal over an open fire for a family of a dozen or more children? Up until recently, that was the challenge Patmos Children’s Village mothers experienced every day. Though this is the traditional way of cooking on Idjwi Island, attempts have been made to modernize facilities to make it easier for the mothers to provide food for the children. After quite some time of consideration and planning, Désiré, Patmos director, was able to obtain sufficient propane stoves and tanks for each of the homes.

Desire called this “The miracle at Patmos village.” He went on to say that the mothers and girls of Patmos were especially appreciative and expressed their emotion by dancing. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, the children in Congo have nourishing food provided to them from new stoves. Thank you for your support!

  1. CAPTION: As families gather around their new stoves, they do not forget the donors, like you, who helped to make these improvements possible. Thank you!

Difference Makers

Following God's Call to Care for Orphans – Part 1

When walking through the home of Tena Baehm, ICC donor, rows of realistic baby dolls will greet you. These dolls are more than just ornaments. Meticulously handcrafted, these “Reborn Dolls” simulate the appearance, size, and weight of a realistic baby. This is impressive in itself, yet there is more here than meets the eye.

The artist behind these dolls, Jean Parchment, takes about one hundred hours to create each doll. Then, she donates the proceeds from all sales to the children of ICC. The proceeds have raised funds for kitchen renovations at Patmos Children’s Village, such as the new stove tops shown above.

Tena Baehm owns over a dozen dolls. Ask her about them, and she will enthusiastically tell you about the children they represent. Then, she will take you to a special photo collage in her apartment that shows every child she and her husband, George (now passed), have sponsored. These photos of smiling children do more to tell a story than words ever could.

These are children whose lives are changed because of the love of someone just like you… a difference maker.

What stands out about Tena is not the money that she’s donated or the dolls she’s purchased from Jean’s fundraising project, but it’s her enthusiasm for the care and love of orphaned and abandoned children. She tells stories about the children to her friends and family, passing out brochures about the kids. Also, she prays for the children, both publicly and privately. These are things that you can do, too!

“Like Jesus said, ‘If you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me,’” Tena shared. “And what a blessing we will receive to see those children in the kingdom.”

One of the most common concerns donors express is that they feel that their donations are “not enough” to truly make a difference.

Yet, the spirit of willingness to follow God’s calling is just as important as the amount of money or time given. In addition, even people with no money to give can do something to bless the children!

Diana Tanksley is currently one of the youngest ICC donors. At just 18 years old, she exemplifies what it means to be a difference-maker – by listening to God’s call. Next month, we will share her story. It's our hope that it will inspire and encourage you to know that you, too, can be a difference-maker!

If you would like to share about creative ways you fundraise or tell others about the children, visit:

Your story may inspire others to step out in faith and try creative ways to bless the kids! God is working through your time and efforts to bless the children. Thank you for being a difference maker!

  1. CAPTION: Tena's love and kindness for orphan children makes a huge impact on the children. You, too, can be a difference-maker – just by listening to God's call!

Summer of Hope

Update - Your Gifts of Love

As the summer months fly by, the Summer of Hope Matching Challenge still remains incomplete. Right now, up to $50,000 have been donated as a matching gift – to double the impact of your support!

This means that if you give $50, a total of $100 will go towards the children. Or, if you give $500, a total of $1,000 will go towards the children! What a blessing for the kids!

At the time of writing this publication, there are about $5,500 of donations. These funds will help to provide for the children as we complete the summer months and head into Fall. There is much more available to be doubled! If you would like to donate, please mark your donations as “Summer of Hope” or visit:

In addition, you may visit the website for weekly updates about the total matching grant amount fundraised. Lives will be transformed and children will be blessed because of your support. Thank you for providing the children with hope!

Thank you for your continued support! God Bless you.

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