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The Certainty of Loving Care, Thanks to YOU!

Please note the children's faces have been blurred for their own protection.

A new year is beginning.  As we look back at 2023, we thank God for His blessings. He has worked through you in a special way to help children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or neglected. 

Throughout last year the ICC family had many new children join us - some through tragedies, some through sickness. Some lost their parents through natural disasters, like in Congo.  It was amazing to see how God provided for these children through you. Thank-you!

As 2024 starts to unfold, we realize that continuing to care for the children is a daunting task. There is a lot of uncertainty within the world today. Most of our ICC children have experienced uncertainty firsthand. Neglect, abuse, hunger, sickness. Now that they are within the ICC family, they look to ICC family members like you to provide the certainty of care and nurturing support they need. This includes children like Mario, Christina, and Miguel. These are some of the latest additions to our ICC family in Mexico.

Mario and Christian are siblings. Their mom was killed, and their grandmother tried to take care of them but was unable. Miguel was neglected by his mother until the authorities intervened. 

Fortunately for these children, they have found a safe place within the ICC family. They have nourishing food and a nurturing, home environment at the El Oasis children’s village. Praise God for these precious children and His intervention to save them! And praise God for the ongoing support from ICC family members like you!

ICC children around the world thrive on the certainty of loving care. As this new year begins, we encourage you to continue supporting the children of ICC.  As you continue to support them, please know you are making an eternal difference in their lives. Thank you! God bless you and all the ICC family in the new year ahead as we draw closer to Jesus soon coming. 

Thank you for helping to provide care for children like Mario and Christian (siblings) and Miguel. Though many of ICC’s children like these in Mexico have faced an uncertain future, your generosity has helped provide a safe place. The certainty of having their needs met on a consistent basis helps to transform their lives. Thank you! 

Activities and Achievements

Los Pinos Children’s Village, Guatemala

Your support helps children experience important milestones and achievements. Recently, seven children graduated from the Los Pinos primary school in Guatemala. Three of the children were from a nearby village. You may recall that earlier this year, the Los Pinos school welcomed several children from the surrounding area to join the school family. Because of their remote location and the extreme poverty of their families the children were not enrolled in school. 

Can you imagine the joy of these kids as they entered the Los Pinos classrooms, found their desks, opened their books, and used their school supplies for the very first time. 

And not only was their school experience a huge blessing for them. The Los Pinos Children’s Village family also provided food for their families and offered Bible studies as well. What a blessing these children and their families have received through this outreach in the community. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

The children shared their musical talents during a special “Great Disappointment” program.

Thanks to faithful supporters like you, children in Guatemala are experiencing academic success.

El Oasis Children’s Village, Mexico

The El Oasis Children’s village has seen a flurry of activities during the past several months. Providing positive activities is an essential feature of ICC’s model of caring for children. The children have been immersed in an engaging school program. In addition, the children have been able to experience the joy of learning to play instruments and sharing their musical talents

Other activities have included a visit to the Sea of Cortez and the celebration of a cultural day where the children learned about other countries and the way they live. 

The spiritual life on campus is enhanced by special programs geared to be interesting to the children. An example of this was a program that taught the children about the “Great Disappointment.” Thanks to your support the children are learning to believe in their Savior, Jesus, and trust His words that were depicted in the sign in the El Oasis church, “He aqui, vengo pronto. “Behold, I am coming soon.” Thank you for helping to nurture faith in the lives of the children.

Life is good for the children at El Oasis, thanks to YOU! Your support of the children helps provide such valuable learning experiences as playing an instrument.

Sweet Home Children’s Village, India

Last year, ICC’s Sweet Home Village opened its doors and hearts to welcome nine new children. Pastors in tribal areas referred these children to Sweet Home and they have been settling in well to life in the village.

These new children have been integrated into a Sweet Home family of children who are intent on doing well in their studies. This includes gaining a knowledge of scripture. 

In October, two staff members at the Flaiz school where our Sweet Home children are enrolled, prepared a special Bible quiz prgram for students from classes 8-11. Sweet Home was represented by Daniel in the 11th class.

As the quiz proceeded, church members and students were  amazed by Daniel as he  answered the questions and did recitation. He and his classmate took first place and were selected for the Final Quiz which will be conducted this month. What a blessing that ICC children like Daniel take an interest in and excel at knowing God’s word!

Here is a message of gratitude to ICC’s family of supporters, from Susan Moturi, Sweet Home director, “We thank you for supporting this project, and we are very grateful. May God bless you and your families. With your support we are able to train the children in a good Christian environment and hope to continue God’s work.”

Birthdays are celebrated by the entire family. Even a house father receives a special dose of love and attention on his birthday. What a blessing you are to ICC children like Daniel (pictured at the right) who is excelling in his study and knowledge of God’s word.

You Assist in the Recovery Process

by Rick Bowes

As the ICC family launches into a new year, please take a look at these two photos. The first photo features our Congo boys and girls gathered together in late June for a Friday evening vespers program. The second photo zooms in on the first photo to focus on two specific young boys.

As you look at them closely, you can see that these two are a “study of contrasts”. The two boys are sitting in nearly the same place, at the same time, and are dressed in similar style, yet they differ dramatically.

Children in Congo gather for vespers on a Friday evening. Close up of two boys with contrasting expressions.

The boy in the foreground, looking directly into the camera with a smile, bright eyes, and giving a “thumbs-up” gesture, seems to bubble over with contentment, confidence, and hope for the future. However, the non-smiling boy just behind him with the depressed, worried eyes and furrowed brow, seems to convey just the opposite.

As you view these two photos, directing your attention to the second boy, you may wonder what is being done to help him recover from his past wounds. The answer is that our house parents are constantly offering up two prayers- The first prayer is for the children, that God will give them divine healing.  The second prayer is for themselves as house parents, that God will give them wisdom to know what to say, and what to do. 

The good news I want to share with you is that through God’s blessing and your faithful support both prayers are being answered.  Day by day we see the children growing into adulthood, and we are constantly aware that they are contented, they are confident, and they have a hope for the future. All of this is thanks to you!

Once again I want you to know that without your care and concern for these kids none of this would be possible. As we journey through 2024 together, please continue your support of the children. Without a doubt you help to change their expressions from sorrow to expressions of satisfaction and contentment. 

This ministry is primarily supported by caring individuals like you. Please, while you have this newsletter in your hand, send in a special gift of support for the children today. Thank you!

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