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Lives Saved, Lives Transformed – Thanks to YOU!

In last month’s Que Pasa, we shared with you about the catastrophe that devastated the village of Kalehe near our ICC Patmos Children’s Village in the DR Congo. Torrential rains fell on market day. Massive flooding collapsed buildings. Mudslides covered those who couldn’t get out of the way. Many parents had left their children at home to go to the market, never suspecting that by the end of the day their children would be orphaned.

Thanks to the generous and faithful support of ICC family members like YOU, ICC’s director in the DR Congo was able to answer the call to assist 43 children that were orphaned as a result of this tragedy. When these children arrived at the Patmos Children’s Village, they were greeted enthusiastically by the Patmos family.

Because of the poor health condition of many of the children and the extreme trauma they experienced, they have been separated from the general population of the children’s village and placed in a temporary shelter. Here they receive special meals and medical attention suitable for their needs.

As the children begin to trust their ICC family of caregivers, they share what they experienced. Imagine how you would feel if you were left in the care of a responsible adult or older sibling on the day of the tragedy. You saw your parents leave with a goat, or maybe a turkey or hen and some cassava. You expected them to return with food and supplies and maybe even a treat for everyone. Market day was special. But the heavy rains that day kept you inside.

Time passes and you expected that at any moment there would be the sound of footsteps, the familiar greetings, warm hugs and laughter, and a recounting of the day’s activities. But all you heard was the constant rain.

As evening came you began to panic. Where the heavy rains that forced you to stay inside an indication that something dreadful had happened? You didn’t eat anything. You didn’t have an appetite. Fear grips you and your siblings. Together you sobbed and waited, waited and sobbed. But there was no comforting sound of your parents at the door. And you began to realise with horror that your parents were not returning…

The process of healing from such a tragedy takes time. That’s the nature of transformation within the lives of orphan children. Our Patmos director recently sent an update saying that some of the children are doing well and have regained their physical, mental, and psychosocial health. However, there are many who continue to suffer.

Eventually, these children can be assigned sponsors to become a part of their life within the ICC family. Until then, they need your prayers and a special outpouring of financial support. This was an unexpected tragedy. Extra resources are needed above and beyond what it costs to provide for the care of the existing children. Thank you for your generous support for the children!

Photo one: The process of healing from such a tragedy takes time. That’s the nature of transformation within the lives of orphan children. Our Patmos director recently sent an update saying that some of the children are doing well and have regained their physical, mental, and psychosocial health. However, there are many who continue to suffer.

Photo two: It is a blessing that there are many ICC family members, like you, who take an interest in the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of children in need.

These newly-orphaned children are on the road to recovery – thanks to you!

Photo three: The process of healing from tragedy is gradual, but – thanks to you – orphans of the recent D.R. Congo mudslides are provided with the best chance at recovery. Thank you for supporting the children!

The Harvest Has Begun, Your Prayers are Needed!

One of the ways the ICC family strives to make donor support stretch even further is to supplement it through industries and farms. Over the years, ICC family members like you have supported various initiatives. A good example of this is the farm at the El Oasis Children’s Village in Mexico.

Raul, EL Oasis’ farm manager, has gained much valuable experience during the past several growing seasons. In an effort to maximise profitability of the crops, Raul has diversified what is being grown even more than in the past. This includes the following:

  • Jalapenos Peppers – 33 acres (13.5 ha)

  • Tomatillos – 10 acres (4 ha)

  • Onions – 6 acres (2.5 ha)

  • Watermelon – 10z acres (4 ha)

  • In total, there are 59 acres (24 ha) being farmed this year.

Recently, Raul sent the following update and request for prayer: We started a little late with the harvest due to the prolonged cold weather which caused the fruit not to ripen early.

So far, we have sold

20 tons of tomatillo at 8.50 pesos per kilo

10 tons of peppers at 15.50 pesos per kilo.

As of next week, we will start harvesting as it should be. I invite you to join in prayer that prices will be maintained.

The harvest of produce, as important as it is, cannot compare to the harvest of precious souls of the El Oasis children! Please join us in praying for them and for the farm.

May God bless El Oasis with an abundant harvest for His glory!

Photo one: El Oasis Farm is one of a handful of Children's Village industries

that help to stretch your donations even further. These crops help to provide an added boost to support the care of children – and they only exist because of you! Thank you!

Photo two: For the first time at El Oasis, onions have been included as a crop.Your support of the farm is helping the children’s project to become more self-sustaining. Thank you!

Las Palmas Celebrates Graduation

Editor’s Note: Following is an update from the Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic where children there recently were recognised for their academic achievements.

On July 2, Las Palmas Adventist School celebrated the 38th graduation of the basic level (elementary school) and the 21st graduation of the middle level (high school).

Every year, God gives us the privilege of seeing the progress of the boys and girls who come into our hands and work with them with dedication so that they can achieve their academic studies. This year we graduated 5 students who are ready to continue their higher education. It is a great joy to see their achievements.

Music is part of the students' academic preparation, and it was an honour that the members of the youth band were the guests of honour to play the National Anthem, the processional march and to have the special music to grace the graduations.

One of our young ladies had the privilege of presenting the speech of honour. She came to us on August 13, 2016, and with effort and work that was done with her, we were able to see her graduate with high grades. Therefore, she was given the honour of presenting her speech before the public. In her speech she gave many thanks to God first and then to ICC for having helped her until she finished her basic and secondary studies.

We were also able to recognise one of our young men for having studied at Las Palmas Adventist School for 10 consecutive years. He arrived at the institution on

February 1st, 2013, and it really filled us with joy to see how he developed and finished this stage of his academic life.

We thank God and all the donors who have made these miracles possible in the lives of the children who come to this place.

God bless you greatly for all your effort and dedication to make this a reality.

Graduates at the Las Palmas school await their turn to be recognised. Even the first graders participate for their achievement of being able to read now! Thank you for making celebrations like this possible through your generous support!

We thank you!

Thank you to all our sponsors and everyone who donates, with your efforts for so many years you have helped change the lives of the ICC children.

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