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Hear From Our Children

Dear ICC Family,

“Thank you.”

“All of you have changed my life.”

“I will always be grateful.”

“I now have a chance in my life.”

“There is hope for me now.”

“None of this would have happened without all of you who helped me.”

These are the statements that I have heard lately from some of the children that have grown up in the ICC children’s villages. It has been such a blessing to hear these young people say these things from their hearts. They now know just how much of a sacrifice this has been for so many of you on their behalf, and they are so very thankful to you. They know that without you, there would be no hope for their lives, there would be no future for them. YOU are the key that unlocks the door of a life of hope for each one of them.

The statement that moved me the most was from a young man that had just graduated at the university level when he said to me, “what about all of my brothers and sisters? What will happen to them? Will they be able to dream as well?” I assured him that because of all of you, there would be more than enough hope to spread to all of his ICC Family, and I also told him of your dedication and love for all of them. He was so happy to hear that.

As I said, it is such a blessing to hear the children, now grown, recognizing that you have made life itself possible for them! Today, there are over 400 children that are still in the villages that are in need of this same feeling, the same hope, and the same knowledge that they are loved. Today, we are about to go into the most difficult financial time for the children – the summer months. This is a time when so many of us are moving, vacationing, and preparing for new things ahead. The thing that concerns me most is that for the children of ICC, there are no vacations or moving to new places in the months ahead. Their young lives continue to need emotional and spiritual nurturing, physical nourishment, and continued prayer as they struggle with their past and try to find hope for their futures.

I am including a few photos here in this letter so that you can see the faces of the children that have been blessed by your support. The children and young people need you so very much in their lives. In fact, without you, they would be devastated.

I would like to ask you to please consider an extra special donation for the children right now that will keep their lives as close to “normal” as possible in these next few months. All of the children’s villages know that the most difficult financial times are these next four months ahead of them. They know that they must “do without” for many things they need this time of year and stretch what budget funds they have much farther than ever before. Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing for them not to have to add that to all of their other concerns this summer?

I am leaving this in your hands at this moment in time. I am praying that you will prayerfully consider helping these special children at this most important time of year. I know that these young kids also want to be able to have a future filled with hope just like their older brothers and sisters have today. You are the ones that can make this possible in their lives.

Please mark your special donations “Summer of Hope” for the children today. I know that they too will be so forever grateful to you for what you do for them. Please be that “Key” that unlocks the door of hope in the lives of these special children of God.

May God bless you,

Doug Congleton

Executive Director

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