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Back to School!

Did you know that your support makes “Back to School” possible for “His Kids?” That’s right!

Even though the pandemic makes some adjustments necessary in how school is being implemented, quality education is only possible for the children because of generous ICC family members like YOU! The teachers and administrators realize this and are very grateful for your support.

Here’s a message of gratitude recently sent by the school staff at the Las Palmas Children’s village in the Dominican Republic.

"In these moments, we want to thank God that, even in the midst of this pandemic and economic situation, our institution of ICC has maintained its payroll in each month.

Thank you, God. On behalf of the academic administration and the educational personnel, please express to the directors and the sponsors our gratitude and our prayer that God will bless them all."

Education transforms the life of an orphan child. In the following story you’ll see the wonderful result, the fruit of the harvest, that you make possible when you support the children.

Education is an important part of the children's program that you help to support. Thanks to the generosity of kind people like you, most of the children's villages are able to operate elementary schools on their own grounds, accommodating the school program to the needs of the children. Your support provides education through high school, and on to college or university, when the young person shows interest and ability.

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