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A New Home and Family - New Construction at Patmos Children’s Village

Your support is helping to make dramatic transformations in the lives of children at the Patmos village in the D.R. Congo. Most of these children were robbed of their biological families through war, disease, or other tragedies. That was the situation of five siblings that recently became a part of our ICC family in Congo.

Their mother died of Malaria. When their father remarried, he abandoned the family. They had nowhere else to go except into the care of their 79-year old grandmother who was vulnerable and with little means to care for herself, let alone five little ones. When the village chief heard about these children, he asked us to take care of them. When they arrived, they were malnourished and suffering miserably. Désiré, Patmos Director, and his team quickly provided for the immediate needs of the children and tried to make them feel welcomed and secure.

Your generosity has enabled these siblings to find a home at the Patmos Children’s Village, where they can receive the nurturing care that they desperately need. Yet even though they have found a home, because of the crowded conditions, there has not been room for them to have sufficient space for themselves.

You may recall that last year the Patmos Children’s village opened its arms to dozens of newly orphaned children. This created quite a challenge of where to house them all. We appealed for funds to build another children's home. What a blessing that ICC family members answered the call for funding and have supported this project financially! These funds have made it possible for construction to begin on house 10.

First, workers cleared and levelled the land. They brought in rocks to provide a firm foundation. They also made the cement blocks that would be used in construction.

Work on this haven of refuge is progressing. It will be a day of rejoicing when the last door is hung, the last section of plaster is applied, and the painting is finished. Then these siblings will have more than just a home at Patmos. They will have a house to live in and the space needed to grow and thrive.

Désiré said, “The five siblings clapped and thanked the donors for the funds to build the house where they will be living… They say: ‘We will take care of the house, sweeping and mopping it on a regular basis. It is a fair place where we will spend peaceful nights and have undisturbed sleep. We pray for the longevity of our sponsors, donors, and ICC personnel.’”

The ICC family of children thrives because of the care that you help to make possible through your generosity. You help to provide a children’s home with not only structure and furnishings, but also the loving caregivers who tend to the daily needs of the children. Thank you so very much for your generous support that makes homes and houses possible for them!

Construction of House 10 is almost complete. It will help to reduce the crowded conditions. But there is still a need for another house. If you’d like to have a part in helping to construct House 11, please designate your gift as Congo House Construction. On behalf of the children, thank you!

During the last few years, dozens of new children have arrived at Patmos Children's Village. One sibling group lost their mother to malaria, and then they were aban­doned by their father. Because of your generosity, those siblings were adopted into the Patmos Children's Village family. They are pictured above in the house that will soon become their home. Thank you for your support of the children!

Thanks to your support, a new house is almost complete at the Patmos Children's Village. This home will be a blessing to children when they can finally "come home" with their family. Thank you!

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