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A Message From Los Pinos Director

Thank you for Inspiring Hope During the Pandemic

This year 2020 started like any year at Hogar Los Pinos as well as anywhere in the world. The children and young people prepared to start their classes and the adults to attend to the operation of the Children’s Village and caring for the kids. However, by the month of March we were all locked in the campus not knowing what to do.

The news of what the pandemic was causing in the world was terrible. We were afraid. We strengthened the measures to close the entrance gate so no strangers entered the campus, and the employees who left did so by taking extreme measures of biosecurity.

The borders of the world were closed, the planes were on the ground, the ships without moving, companies closing their work and many people without jobs. It was not a safe environment to attend to almost 70 children in a children’s village where it is totally dependent on donations.

Yes, there was fear for the future, and we clung to the only thing that could give us security at a time like this – God. The months went by and the funds needed for the operations kept coming in, and we realized that despite the fact that the world scenario was sad, we had everything we needed for each day.

October of this year, the children’s village celebrated 41 years of serving the Guatemalan society, caring for children who, for various reasons, the authorities have requested support on their behalf. We decided to dedicate this anniversary to each of the sponsors, donors and those who make it possible for the work of Ho

gar Los Pinos to continue and who collaborate in various ways.

We have much to thank each one of them, as

king God that His blessings continue with them.

Thank you so much for allowing the children to have a home.

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