Worth Your Investment


You may never fully realize the impact your investment has in the life of an orphan child. Through your support and other faithful donors like you, children like Stela are given the opportunity to learn and grow and realize their God-given potential.


Stela is a young woman who was really struggling growing up without parents to guide her. When she was very young, she spent time with relatives until she was placed in the ICC children’s village in Romania.


As Stela grew older, her biological mother tried to develop a relationship with her. Her mother didn't share the same values taught at the children's village. Stela was confused. As she grew to become a teenager she began to rebel and misbehave. However, something happened
in Stela’s final year of elementary school that helped her to realize who it was that truly cared for her and who was looking out for her best interest.


In order to complete her final year Stela had to pass an exam. Unfortunately, she struggled with math, and to make matters worse, her math teacher at the local school was not very professional or helpful.


The loving care givers at the children’s village saw this struggle and realized that Stela needed help. They searched for a solution and eventually made contact with a retired teacher in a nearby village. He said he would be her tutor. For the next five months Stela went to this retired teacher for 2½ hours every Sunday to study and prepare herself for the exam. In those five months the staff members saw a transformation as she not only improved in her math skills but also in her behavior.


Stela was pleased and grateful that her care givers had taken an interest in her in this way. What a blessing it was that the teacher didn’t accept any payment for his time. He said that since she had to be driven 12 miles round trip each way it was enough. He didn’t want to charge more.


When Stela took the final exam for elementary school she earned a high score in math. And when she applied to attend the Adventist High School in Bucharest she was accepted. This in itself is a big accomplishment as there are many more who apply than can be accepted.


No doubt, Stela will never forget the care and concern she received during this difficult time in her life. Thank-you so very much for your generous support through the years. It has helped to foster Stela’s transformation.


And for that, it was well worth your investment!

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