Saved & Fed!


Jalani, a tiny orphaned boy, was slowly wasting away in an African refugee camp.  But thanks to your support, Jalani was given a second chance at life in an ICC Children’s Village!  He was stuck in a horrible situation without enough food, but today he’s a healthy, smiling boy growing up with loving house parents!  


Your support helped rescue Jalani from the refugee camp in the DR Congo.  Jalani’s parents are presumed dead because of a rebel raid, and he had to flee from those same rebels.  And since he had no adult family members who took care of him in the camp, he didn’t get enough food.  There were many orphans like him, and some began to die without proper care.











But you stepped in and gave him a new home and a new family!  Jalani and 13 other children were rescued from the camp and delivered to the Patmos Island Children’s Village. 


Desire, the Patmos Island director, knew there would be challenges nurturing Jalani and his new brothers and sisters back to health. They were in desperate need of nourishing food. They also needed psychological and emotional support. But it didn’t take long before there was a healthy glow on Jalani’s face as well as the others! 


Thanks to your generosity, the nourishing food and loving care of house parents have turned his life around. He and other orphans were saved from the refugee camp.  Jalani is so grateful for your care and concern and for your support.  Thank-you for rescuing him  -- and so many other orphans!


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