The children’s project in Guatemala started small at first and only progressed as compassionate individuals started sending donations of support to ICC. In Guatemala City, a small home was rented and used as a receiving centre. As funds flowed in, ICC gained capacity to care for more children and a larger facility was secured for the receiving centre.


Currently there are 11 children in one rented home that is located an hour west of Accra. We hope soon to open a second rented home for children. 

We would also like to begin the process of looking for land to start a children's village according to the ICC plan. A campus of 10 homes along with administrative buildings, staff homes, school and a church are in the plans. 


An agriculture program will be started to help provide food for the children and give them valuable gardening skills. 

EL Salvador

The children’s village is located on a beautiful piece of property and is adjacent to an Adventist Christian elementary and secondary school. The campus consists of children’s homes, staff and volunteer residences, a gymnasium that serves as a multi-purpose building, administration building, a shop and greenhouses. The campus farm produces various crops that supplement the food requirements of the children and staff. Over the years many children have grown up at Hogar Escuela Adventista, and have gone on to live successful lives.  

Dominican Republic

A few years after ICC’s project was built in Guatemala, ICC founders, Kenneth and Alcyon Fleck, continued to hear of the needs of at-risk children in the Dominican Republic. So the dream began to model a Children’s Country Village in the same style as the first project in Guatemala. In 1982 Hogar Campestre Adventista “Las Palmas” was established.


In 1991 ICC established a program in Romania to care for children with critical needs. This gradually expanded into a social welfare program for indigent families with children. In 1997 the emphasis shifted to the care of orphaned and abandoned children.


At one time, ICC had begun the development of a full scale project for orphaned and abandoned children in the area of Mupapa, Zambia. Homes were under construction and ICC had taken in over 10 children who needed care.


However, due to problems with squatters, land rights and an outbreak of Malaria, it was decided that in the best interest of the children, they should be relocated to a rented home in the capital city of Lusaka. 


Currently there is now one home used for staff and four homes for the 43 children currently living there. As needed more homes are being completed and an administration home is just being finished.

The short term plans are to start an agriculture program since there is excellent land for this with plenty of water to irrigate. In March of this year volunteers were at the project helping to establish gardens and putting up a green house.


Democratic Republic of Congo

​This project is ICC’s largest in terms of numbers of children. The needs are great in this country. As funds allow, ICC will continue to develop this children’s village so that even more orphaned and abandoned children can experience the joy of being a part of the ICC family.

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