We urgently need your support and donations for ICC children in the Congo. The situation there is desperate we now need to provide care for 42 newly orphaned children!

The situation there is desperate we now need to provide care for 42 newly orphaned children! The centre manager decided that we had to take all the children even though we didn't have room or funds as they have nothing and no one! There were more children, but two had died already! Others were sick and in desperate need of immediate care.

Why has this happened?

Insurgent soldiers had decimated 116 families. These were innocent people, parents and children just trying to eke out an existence. As a result of the soldiers actions ICC have had 42 orphans brought to them look after.

This is the biggest emergency ICC have ever had and we really need your support and donations right now!

This is a huge undertaking and the children need your support in different ways. First please pray right now for the innocent children in Congo.

Second, since additional funds are needed to care for these children here are some practical things you can do…

* Raise your monthly support, if you have the capacity.

* Give a single gift to help provide for the initial care the children need.

* Share this letter with your family, friends and colleagues, and encourage them to join this mission of mercy for the orphan children.

So please help the children of ICC!

Please get in contact - email or call 0303 0402885


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