Malaria Outbreak in the Congo

Malaria is a disease which goes high quickly and mostly affects people during the rainy season. Unfortunately, as for this epidemic, the country out project counts 8 months of the rainy season every twelve months. In this period, we faced a climate change, it is since October until today that the rain pours heavily whereas in January and March; we always had little rain and we do not record a lot of cases of malaria epidemic but currently, it rains a lot and we record a lot of cases of Malaria. It is in this context that the rate of sick people suffering from Malaria has gone higher than normal.

Medical provision have been disturbed and we have 27 victims of Malaria in the clinic among which 13 cases for children aged below 5 years. This disease causes anaemia because the malaria microbe lives inside the red blood cell; in the blood or circulatory system. As result, the microbe destroys iron/haemoglobin and it creates anaemia.

The anaemia leads to malnutrition which is an obstacle to harmonious growth of the child and in this case, the child will be exposed to all the infections simply because the organism is weakened with malaria.

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