10 Days of Prayer for Orphans in our ICC Children’s Villages

Please join us... This month, please join in a special 10 Days of Prayer for Orphans in our ICC Children’s Villages. This event will take place January 19-28, and follows the world-wide week of prayer sponsored by the SDA Church. There will be a different prayer focus on each of the 10 days.

1. Jan 19. Pray for the healing of the “Holes in the Hearts” of orphaned and abandoned children. When a new child comes to live at an ICC children’s village, he or she is immediately placed in a loving family. Yet, emotional healing does not take place overnight. The pain of being neglected, abused, or orphaned leaves a big hole in the heart of a child. It takes a while for a hurting child to be happy and to feel loved. Pray for children that are still healing. Pray that they can accept the change that is taking place in their lives, and that they will trust the love that is freely given to them.

2. Jan 20. Pray for the education of ICC’s young school children. Every child at an ICC children’s village is provided education. Yet, outside of ICC, education is not a guarantee for many children around the world. Those who have been orphaned or abused are even more disadvantaged. It’s not uncommon for children to arrive at ICC with no prior formal education, or to be delayed in learning because of trauma. Pray that children may overcome these disadvantages, so that they may do well in school. Pray that they may catch up to the grade level for their age, and that they will be blessed by their Christian education.

3. Jan 21. Pray for the education of ICC’s grown children. As children grow, they must prepare for life outside of the Children’s Village. Thanks to the care of donors, like you, higher education and technical training is possible. It is this “finishing touch” that helps the young people to thrive on their own in the world. Yet, it can be difficult for them to decide on the best way to be independent. Pray for the young people as they make important decisions about their education and future. Pray for them to do well in school. Pray that they follow God’s guidance, and that they become productive and thriving members of the community.

4. Jan 22. Pray for the children’s caregivers. It is a true mission to be a house parent at an ICC Children’s Village. Children come to ICC from all different situations and walks of life. Also, each child responds to trauma in different ways. Some children respond to pain by acting out, others by suppressing their emotions. Caretakers have to be capable, adaptable, and available to many different children. They are truly the on-the-ground “hands and feet” of Christ. Pray that they may have wisdom. Pray that they find comfort and support in this critical mission work.

5. Jan 23. Pray for the safekeeping of the ICC Children’s Villages. When we see photos of the smiling faces of our dear children around the world, it’s easy to forget that they live in dangerous parts of the world. Stories of warfare in DR Congo are shocking. Even in Central American countries, the fear of gang violence and political upheaval can threaten the safety of the children. Praise God for the protection that He daily provides.Pray that the children may continue to be kept safe from external danger.

6. Jan 24. Pray for the campus industries.A thriving industry is an essential way for ICC children to receive the quality, ongoing care they need. The more self-sustaining a project can be, the more consistent the care is for the children. It’s also an effective way for the generous gifts of donors to be multiplied, giving back to the children. As sustaining industry options are explored and built upon, pray that they may reach their highest potential. Pray that the workers may have wisdom, and pray for a full harvest.

7. Jan 25. Pray that the villages have a positive impact on their communities. While the main purpose of ICC is to care for orphaned and abandoned children, there is often a secondary mission work to reach out to and positively impact the surrounding communities of a Children’s Village. Outside of the blessing of adding jobs and income to communities, the Villages also provide opportunities for others to learn about Jesus. Churches have been planted and communities have benefited from the blessings God provides to His children. Pray that the communities surrounding ICC Children’s Villages come to know and love Christ, and pray that the Children’s Villages may continue to have a positive impact on those around them.

8. Jan 26. Pray for the administration and staff. In the words of an old African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is especially true at ICC. Orphaned and abandoned children benefit from the personal love of house parents, in addition to love from the administration and staff who bless the children daily on campus. The on-campus administration are responsible for making sure that children are cared for properly and that the Villages run smoothly. Pray that their efforts are blessed to have a deep impact on the children. Pray that the staff and administration know that they, too, are loved and are doing a good work.

9. Jan 27. Pray for the governments to realise the need for facilities like ICC’s. One of the greatest challenges that the Children’s Villages face is governmental regulations. Many countries where our villages are located receive funding from North America and other developed countries to help with the care of children. The problem is that this funding often comes with pressure to stop the use of child care institutions, such as traditional orphanages. ICC falls into the category of an institution, but it is not an institution in a traditional sense. Children live with parents in a home and are part of a community where they can receive the specialised care they need. Pray that governments see the difference between traditional institutionalised care, and the very personal approach of ICC. Pray that they will see the need for our villages and that they continue to send children to ICC’s care.

10. Jan 28. Pray for the worldwide ICC family. ICC is only possible because of the many generous donors, like you, who give from the heart. We recognise that it’s not always easy to give and that it often requires sacrifice. Praise God for those who have given of their time and funds to support the children! Pray for each donor and volunteer to have joy throughout this new year. Pray that they realise the importance of their support. Pray that they may be abundantly blessed.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the children. With the start of a new year comes a spirit of new beginnings. That spirit beats in the heart of every child who no longer lives in poverty, fear, and neglect; who now lives in security and love. The transforming power that comes with new beginnings is proven to be effective over and over again in the lives of ICC children, thanks to your support. That will continue to be the case this New Year, and abundantly so, as we pray together each day. Blessings from the ICC family


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