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Errol has just turned sixty one years old and has been married to Phyllis for nearly thirty eight years. They have two adult sons and two grandsons. Having been a Minister of Religion for over thirty years and a Christian since he was seventeen years old, Errol is convinced that people in general, but Christians in particular, have a duty of care toward their fellow human beings.


Errol believes that there are sufficient resources in the world for everyone to have a comfortable life and that as a Christian it is his duty to do all he can to improve the lives of the underprivileged.


ICC-UK fully recognises the fact that in spite of all their efforts and all your support, they are still only scratching the surface. There are millions of orphans and “street children” yet to be reached. Children who are convinced that no one loves them and that they are of little or no worth.


Errol said that when he spends time with his grandchildren on the weekend he would often think of those poor street children or orphans who have no one to hug them, cook them their favourite meals or take then swimming. It is heart wrenching and has to change. ICC-UK and the ICC Family Internationally has to grow by many magnitudes if it is to make a significant impact on the lives of all those children who are “falling through the cracks” around the world.


Errol is committed to helping ICC grow large enough to make a significant difference in the lives of those millions of children but in order to do that we need much more than your donations. We need you to become our partners in helping those children. We need your input and advice; we need your expertise; we need you to be Ambassadors for ICC, Spreading the word about our children, so others will join us in making a positive impact on those young lives.


Please send your suggestions and fundraising ideas to We plan to have a quarterly (email) Newsletter to keep you up to date with plans and progress within ICC-UK as well as sharing the ideas you have sent in.


For Heaven’s sake let us be a part of the positive change needed here on Earth.


Errol RJ Blackburn


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