ICC Mission


As an all-inclusive care provider, our mission is to enhance life-preparation for orphaned and vulnerable children in developing countries. We nurture the potential of children who become a part of “our family” and promote their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being by providing comprehensive care for them in families within children’s villages that we develop, support and supervise.


Expanded Mission Statement

International Children’s Care (ICC) is a private relief and development organisation. Caring individuals, with no interest in personal gain, established ICC for the specific purposes of giving high quality care for needy children and providing the opportunity for individuals to 1) become educated about the needs of children and 2) to be able to be connected with children who are needy. As an internationally recognised Non-Governmental Organisation, ICC fulfils this primary directive of its charter without regard to anyone’s ethnic, political, or religious association.

ICC champions the traditional Christian values of 1) the potential of each individual to reflect the image of God, 2) the dignity which is inherent in every person, and 3) the importance of quality in human life. The Bible is the basis for ICC’s guiding principles.

ICC works on behalf of orphaned, abandoned and needy children. It regards them with tender love and respect. ICC understands that children are the future leaders and citizens of this world and of Heaven. Therefore, ICC promotes the best interests of each individual child. The ICC philosophy is that each child should grow up in a “real home” environment.

Each child’s unique circumstances determine how ICC applies this philosophy. If it is not possible for the child to live with his/her birth parents, ICC works to place the child in a loving, natural family unit within an ICC facility.

Children living in an ICC facility live in a family-style home on an acreage, where a native ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ care for them. Each home has about 12 children and functions as a natural family unit. Within ICC’s financial limitations, we try to give quality education to each child to the extent of his/her potential and desire.

ICC works to connect these children with caring sponsors who want to establish a relationship with a child. Child Sponsors are encouraged to correspond with the child and, where possible, visit the child. This connection is important to these children, as ICC works to help the child build a positive self-image. It is also important to the sponsor, as he/she thus has an opportunity to focus on the needs of others.

It is ICC’s goal that this approach to caring for children will fully develop each child’s potential for happiness and security in his/her formative years. This will prepare him/her for a secure, fulfilling and productive future, while preserving his/her natural culture and heritage. This approach also ministers to people who desire to reach out and make an impact on the lives of others.

ICC will provide this assistance as circumstances permit in any developing country where there is a need and an opportunity to serve and to where sponsors have a desire to reach out. ICC will go where its re-sources can be employed most effectively.

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