Congo Urgent Appeal!


This a message we have received from our Director in the Congo this morning -

Dear Rick,


Last night at 1 AM I received a phone call from the security guy at Patmos Children's Village, who informed me that Homes II and IX are overrun with the torrent (erosion) coming from the hill which has a large basin at the top, I woke up immediately to go see and assess the situation.


Arriving at the river that separates the children's village and my temporary home, I had difficulties to cross because the bridge that helps us to cross was swept away by a stream of water of extraordinary speed. In the Patmos it is a disaster because the torrent coming from the hill brought several tons of mud and water and submerged Home I and IX.


All the rooms are full of water and the children could not sleep properly, outside the earth is piled around the houses until the end of the windows. Many objects of the houses have been buried in the mud and  we can no longer use some of them for example 6 mattresses are very damaged, some children's clothes, damaged food such as cassava flour, wheat flour , corn, vegetables, beans and dried fish. 3 FM radios of young children were damaged, the books and the notebooks that they bring to school.


Two children  got mud into their ears, we rushed them to the doctors and they were rescued. Two fields of the homes victims of this accident are devastated by the torrent and all the plants disappeared in the mud and over the fields there is a huge pile of land. The area of the damaged garden is 57m / 39m and 41m / 49m in which maize, colocases, soya and groundnuts have been planted.

Two large trees were uprooted following the strong wind and two goats that were attached to both trees fell victim to this accident. Fortunately no loss of human life.


We asked other children from different homes to lend clothes to the children who were victims of this disaster.

We have taken the children away to other homes while waiting for an urgent solution to solve the problem permanently.

It is very dangerous to allow the children to live in the two homes before we build an armed masonry retaining wall and build the canal with rubble and cement.


We need a very urgent intervention to avoid even losing the two houses that are built on the edge of the ICC concession because the part that was built  by the first  and the second phase of the erosion project, has securely protected the front part of the concession.


We must then built the posterior part because the months of October, November, December are in the rainy season.


Attached you will find the photos and  videos to illustrate this disaster.


We ask you to pray constantly for us so that there are no other possible dangers.


Thank you for the good collaboration and we are waiting for your immediate reaction to save what can still be saved

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