International Children’s Care (UK) is a fund-raising division, which supports the activities of International Children’s Care across the globe.

International Children’s Care was formed in the United States by Christian laymen in 1978. At the beginning, it was to meet a need in Guatemala after the devastating earthquake there that left so many children homeless.


However, since there are many other areas of need in the world, our charter was made to fund and operate programs for homeless and needy children where ever the need exists. Guatemala was the first project.


From the beginning, we resolved that this should not be a typical orphanage, but a unique program designed to consider the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of the child.


In other words, we would not simply provide food and a roof, but provide “homes” and families, in an atmosphere that would bring love and security to these children. We establish childcare facilities as circumstances permit in any country where there is a need and an opportunity to serve.

Other countries are calling for ICC to start a childcare program. As our base of support increases, we will expand to help more and more children.









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